Stephen G. Rhodes and Barry Johnston – Sivilization’s Wake [2018]

INCURVA presents the Sicilian première of Sivilization’s Wake, the latest experimental buddy comedy by Stephen G. Rhodes and Barry Johnston (Unknown Friend). Curated by Marianna Vecellio

Sivilization’s Wake is less an adaptation than an expulsion of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, floating beyond a cesspool of cinematic repetitions. Beginning with the premise that film itself, in the very act of casting light as its subject, necessarily defaces the written word which birthed it (and whose nature is always darkness), Unknown Friend attempt a further disfiguring of the text’s legibility. Misreading darkness as drunkenness, swerving toward a state of total blinded-by-the-lightness, the artists want to drive themselves—with Twain in the backseat—off the well-lit roads of authority, and down into the dark gorges of prophecy. Drowning in the rivers of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, spelunking in the bunkers of Sicily’s past patria, the gang grope wildly for anything that shines, only to find that the sunken treasure they discover is too heavy to be carried, and can only be added to the mythologies that flood, in overlapping projections, the walls of this rented basement. Using the advanced technology of the Star Trek franchise, as well as a cast of flexible characters, Unknown Friend travel through time and space performing society’s primal scenes (as well as a few of their own), often before involuntary audiences. In the process of staging these conundrums of exodus— freedom? banishment?— Sivilization’s Wake attempts an ecstatic desertion of the source text, only to wash up once again on the shore of history’s traumas, and find that the displacement, dysphoria, imprisonment, and injustice that even Mark Twain at times could not fully face, continue to plague civilization today, 200 years down river from the “Sivilization” of Huck and Jim’s time.

“Beware.  Trouble is brewing.  Keep a sharp lookout.”
– Unknown Friend

Press Preview:
Fri 15 June 2018 at 11am

Opening Reception:
Fri 15 June 2018 at 6pm

Opening hours:
From Sat 16 June to Sat 14 July 2018
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

Palazzo Campofranco 8,
Piazza Croce dei Vespri
Palermo, Italy

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped in making Sivilization’s Wake real: Gary Luster, Rosario Riginella, Claudia Cangemi, Giulia Monroy, Marianna Vecellio, Andrea Parlato, Arturo Parlato, Vito Sciacca, Pierluigi Domino, Ernesto, Banjou, Niamanto, Galerie Isabelle Bortolozzi, Attilia Fattori Franchini, Carlo Pratis, Gianni Politi, Lupo Borgonovo, Samara Scott, Nicola Martini, Megan Rooney, Dimitra Louana Marlanti, Giuseppe Fazio.

Sivilization’s Wake is supported by

The Parents’ Room, a film by Diego Marcon, co-produced by INCURVA, is part of 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, titled The Milk of Dreams and curated by Cecilia Alemani. More info

We are pleased to share the donation of two works of art by David Horvitz to the “Agostino Pepoli” Regional Museum in Trapani and to the Ex-Stabilimento Florio in Favignana. These works, now part of the collection, will therefore be the heritage of the community and available for exhibitions, under the supervision and management of the “Agostino Pepoli” Regional Museum, which disposes of them and coordinates their use.

David Horvitz worked in Favignana in 2017 as part of Curva Blu, the artist residency program which from 2016 to 2019 took place every year in Favignana in the premises of the former Florio factory and promoted by INCURVA.

Click the above images to see the works

Shot in Favignana in 2017, Friends in a promo through which Loredana, the female clown with claws, recruits dancers for one of her upcoming shows. Beatrice Marchi has given life to many hybrid and double, comical and dissolute, vulnerable and noble characters which have been brought together and reactivated in her show at Casa Masaccio in 2019.

Beatrice Marchi, Friends, 2017 shown at “Le Amiche”, Beatrice solo show at Casa Masaccio (IT).

+390918420027 is a 1: 100 scale calcarenite maquette of a specific point of the Bue Marino calcarenite quarry.The public can activate the work by calling the carved number and listening to a story by Francesco Pedraglio. Artissima Telephone encouraged reflection on the point of passage between landlines and mobile phones, exploring the way social practices have changed since the introduction of factors of mobility (space) and simultaneity (time).

Conceived in July 2019 on the Italian island of Favignana for Curva Blu 2019, ​Ruttier for the Absent ​hung precariously as a beacon on the cusp of the Mediterranean Sea at Punta Marsala in the shadow of an abandoned lighthouse where the found materials—a sail, rope and dried palm fronds—had first been heavily mutilated by the artist, then destroyed by the force of the Mediterranean Sea. Translated into the white gallery space, the sculpture has now been manipulated by the artist with kaolin clay, ​a naturally occurring white clay often found on sculptures from Central and Western Africa as an act of cleansing and protecting the work from the exhibition space. Text Kevin Space

Babi 1 (2016), Babi 2 (2016) and Babi (2016) are the very first artworks produced at Curva Blu since the programme began. The three sculptures were produced by Lupo Borgonovo in Favignana and are now showed at ZEESTER, Lupo Borgonovo’s solo exhibition at Museo Civico Castelbuono (Palermo) on view 8th August 2019 through 29th September 2019. More info

Kore (2019), produced by Margherita Raso during Curva Blu 2019 , is part of the group show “Le Monde Ou Rien” organized by Sgomento in Naples (More info). During her residency in Favignana, Margherita Raso learned limestone sculpting with local sculptor Benito Alessandra at his “Giardino Incantato”.

Congratulations Stephen G. Rhodes and Barry Johnston for being shortlisted for the 3rd Mario Merz Prize with Sivilization’s Wake, co-produced by INCURVA. Learn more and cast your vote on

Congratulations Trisha Baga for her solo show at Greene Naftali (NYC), also featuring the cave footage shot during Curva Blu 2017. More info

INCURVA has been invited at Supercondominio, a gathering of new contemporary art spaces in Italy promoted by Castello di Rivoli and its research department, the CRRI. More info about the event

8 July 2018

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